Account Admin

How do I resend a Completion Certificate?

Within the Account Admin section of the VLE you can go to the Manage Certificates page to update your Completion Certificate settings. Checking the "

How do I customize an email?

Client Administrators can send the following emails from the VLE: Welcome EmailTraining Update NotificationAccount ResetReports - Training ReminderReports

How do I send Completion Emails to Users?

Completion Certificates and Completions Emails can be automated to be sent to Users or done manually. Email Settings Within the Account Admin section, go

How do I add a Phishing Administrator?

Contact a SANS Admin by clicking the Email Icon below to add a Top Level Phishing Administrator. Include First Name, Last Name and Email address of any

What is the character limit for customizing account title?

The maximum character limit for customizing an account title is 255.  You can customize your organization's account title under the Account Admin

How do I change font color or size?

To alter the look and feel of the Student User View, click on Manage Themes in the Account Admin section.

How do I know what emails were sent to a User?

You can view what notifications have been sent to a User on the User Profiles page within the User Management section. Search for and view the User you

How do I add Custom Content?

You can also customize the training by inserting your own policy documents. You can insert a separate custom content document for each module. You must

How do I view the Manage Certificates tour?

1. Login to your SANS VLE client admin account  2. Select "Manage Certificates" under the Account Admin section 3. If you are not prompted

Can Users access their own Completion Certificates once they have completed training?

You can update your Certificate Delivery settings to provide Users with the ability to download their Completion Certificates within their training page.

How do I change the design of my Completion Certificates?

Within the Account Admin section, go to the Manage Certificates page. Here you can update the Name Format, Course Name, Organization Name, Date Format,

What time zone are the Completion Email calendar settings based on?

The calendar settings are aligned with the GMT time zone.

When are scheduled Completion Emails sent?

You can schedule Completion Emails to be sent upon completion or by date/day. To update these settings, go to the Manage Certificates page within the

Are there logo size and format restrictions?

Logo Size Restrictions: 300x200 is the maximum logo size and if the image uploaded is larger than this size it will automatically be resized to fit the

How do I customize a certificate for a different license?

Within the Account Admin section, go to the Manage Certificates page. You can change your license by using the Managing License drop down at the top of

What is the CPE Credit?

CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit is provided for completion of our security awareness program.  It is based on our average training

Is there a character limit for the Certificate Design fields?

Both the Course Name and Organization Name fields have a character limit of 50.

How do I set up my Logo and Title?

Within the Account Admin section, go to the Customize Logo & Title page.  Enter the title to be displayed under you logo at the top of the page.

How do I add a hyperlink into the Welcome Email?

To edit your Welcome Email, go to the Customize Emails page with the Account Admin section. Most email programs will recognize text that is set up as a

How do I change the email reply-to field?

Within the Account Admin section, go to the Customize Emails page. In" Step 1: Choose Who Email Will Be From" you can select from the Sub-