How do I add Custom Content?

You can also customize the training by inserting your own policy documents. You can insert a separate custom content document for each module. You must host the documents on your own server and reference the location through the SANS VLE as follows:

1. Click on ‘Add Custom Content’. This will take you to a new page where you can add your content.

2. Click the ‘add’ button for any module and insert the URL ( into the form field under “Policy” for the custom content you wish to upload. Custom content must be hosted on a web server that is either internal or external to the organization and can be either HTTP or HTTPS.

3. Choose to make this custom content mandatory for all sub-accounts by selecting the ‘Lock Content’ option.

4. Click ‘Confirm’

5. If there are students already in progress that may have completed the module the content has been applied to, then select either of the options to either leave the student as completed or select the option to make them incomplete. Once custom content has either been added or removed students must be updated via the assign user  training page. This action will then apply the change to the students. If this step is skipped it can cause issues with students ability to complete the modules or know they need to view the content.

6. Click the  ‘Apply Changes’.   Note: This custom content will appear after the module and the quiz question(s).


Quick Steps for Adding Custom Content:

1. Setup takes place within the Account Admin section:

2. Update your Custom Content Acceptance Message on the Customize Affirmation Message page

3. Add the URL where your Custom Content will be hosted on the Add Custom Content page

4. Your Users will need to confirm that they have reviewed the additional content you have provided in order to complete the module.

NOTE: When adding Custom Content you need to select one of the two options prior to being able to Apply Changes