How do I send Completion Emails to Users?

Completion Certificates and Completions Emails can be automated to be sent to Users or done manually.

Email Settings

  • Within the Account Admin section, go to the Customize Emails page
  • Add the $$cert$$ tag to the Reports-Training Complete Email to include a link to a User's Completion Certificate

Automated Process

  • Within the Account Admin section, go to the Manage Certificates Page
  • Update the settings in the Certificate Delivery section

NOTE: Do NOT check the User Display box to automatically provide Completion Certificates to Users on their training page if you are assigning training on a rolling basis (or until you have assigned the final Mandatory trainings for the year.)

Manual Process - Multiple Users

  • Go to the Summary Reports page within the Reports section (in the specific Sub-Account)
  • Run the Account Details report
  • Click on the total number of users from the "Completed" columns
  • Select (or unselect) users from the list and click "Send Completed Email"

Manual Process - Single User

  • Go to the User Profiles page within the User Management section
  • Once you have found the User, select them using the "View User" button and click on the "Training Assignment" tab
  • Click on the "Send Completion Certification" to send the email