How do I add multiple Users?

Within the Account Management section, go to the Add Users page to add your users and assign training.


VLE User Import Template 

SSO User Import Template

To batch upload Users:

  • Create a new CSV file using the "Download Blank Batch Users File" (attached below)
  • Paste your User information into the provided template, preserving the headers provided
  • Name and save your file
  • Click on "Browse" to select your file
  • Once you have uploaded your file click "Send File"

NOTE: Users who have previously been added will not be duplicated in this process. You will be provided with a status update of any Users who could not be added.

TIP: Make sure not to alter the headers within the batch file template and save it as a CSV. File headers are different for clients utilizing SSO.

Field in Batch Upload Files:

  • firstname 
  • lastname
  • email
  • your own reference (optional)
  • department (optional)

SSO Admins will also need to populate a UID field. UID is based on the settings used during your initial implementation.

To add a single User:

  • Use the Add Single User section to enter to User information
  • Click the "Add User" button 

NOTE: The "Queue New Users" box is preset. This will allow you to set up and assign your training prior to activating Users from the Manage Queued Users page.