Training Policy

What is the difference between Mandatory and Recommended Training?

You have three options for Policy Settings when adding modules to your training assignments: Mandatory: The User is required to watch the movie, pass the

How do I add training for my Users?

Go to the Training Policy page within the Account Management section.  Here you can add specific training policies for each of your Sub-Accounts:

How do I add a training modules to multiple Sub-Accounts?

Within the Account Management section, go to the Training Policy page. You can use the Bulk Edit Modules option to add modules to multiple Sub-

Why are modules unavailable for editing?

If you are seeing a "-" for a module on the Manage Training Policy page, it has been locked by a Top-Level Administrator for your account.  

How do I set a module as Recommended?

You will assign all of your modules from the Manage Training Policy page within the Account Management section. Select the Sub-Account you want to add the

How do I send out a new module?

From the Account Management section, go to the Manage Training Policy page. If you have already assigned training for the year, you can still assign

Can I see an Estimated Training Time?

From within the Account Management section, you can view the Estimated Training Time for each of your training assignments on your Training Policy page.