How do I add training for my Users?

Go to the Training Policy page within the Account Management section.  Here you can add specific training policies for each of your Sub-Accounts:

  • Select the Sub-Account you want to add training modules to
  • Click on the Add button to choose the modules to include
  • Select the "Policy" setting for the modules you chose
  • Hit "OK" to confirm your selection


You will now see these modules Explicitly Added to the Training Assignment for the Sub-Account you chose and you will see them listed below.  Your Module Policy Summary and Estimated Training Time will automatically update as you add modules to your training assignments. You can use the "Copy" button to copy your Training Policies to multiple Sub-Accounts.


Policy Definitions:

  • Mandatory: The User is required to watch the movie, pass the quiz and, if applicable, sign-off on any custom content
  • Recommended: Modules are assigned to the User as optional. These modules are not included when determining completion status.
  • Unavailable: These modules will not be assigned to the User. 


NOTE: If you add Sub-Accounts after creating your Training Policies, the new Sub-Accounts will inherit the Training Policy from the account it is added under.

TIP: DO NOT add Unavailable modules to Sub-Accounts unless you plan to lock down and prohibit them from being used by Sub-Account Client Admins.