What is the difference between Mandatory and Recommended Training?

You have three options for Policy Settings when adding modules to your training assignments:

  • Mandatory: The User is required to watch the movie, pass the quiz and, if applicable, sign-off on any custom content.
  • Recommended: Modules are assigned to the User as optional. These modules are not included when determining completion status.
  • Unavailable: These modules will not be assigned to the User. 

You can choose when setting up your training assignments whether or not you want to make specific modules Mandatory (Required) or Recommended (Optional).


NOTE: Your Users will see their Mandatory Training at the Top of their Training Page when they log in.  Recommended Training is listed separately below.

TIP: DO NOT add Unavailable modules to Sub-Accounts unless you plan to lock down and prohibit them from being used by Sub-Account Client Admins.