Assigning User Training

What is the difference between Mandatory and Recommended Training?

You have three options for Policy Settings when adding modules to your training assignments: Mandatory: The User is required to watch the movie, pass the

Can I see an Estimated Training Time?

From within the Account Management section, you can view the Estimated Training Time for each of your training assignments on your Training Policy page.

How do I add a training modules to multiple Sub-Accounts?

Within the Account Management section, go to the Training Policy page. You can use the Bulk Edit Modules option to add modules to multiple Sub-

How do I add training for my Users?

Go to the Training Policy page within the Account Management section.  Here you can add specific training policies for each of your Sub-Accounts:

Training Policy User Guide

The Training Policy User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create your training policies and assign training to your Users.   Also