How do I reset training for Users?

Reset Training Definition:

  • Resetting Users training moves a User from a "Completion" status back to "Not Started" and requires Users to restart the training cycle again 
  • You can reset training for Users anytime during your active license period
  • All past training records for Users are kept and can be viewed under the Historical Reports 

Important Note: 

  • The default setting is with the checkbox selected for "Send Reset Email" which would automatically send the "Training Reset" Email to all selected Users 
  • We recommend unselecting the "Send Reset Email" if you do NOT want to automatically send "Training Reset" Emails to all selected Users 


  • Under "End of Year" section select the option to "Reset Training"
  • The below image shows the following options for selection: individual Users, by sub-account, select a large group of Users by uploading via a csv file of Email addresses
  • Select the option that works best to select Users that need a training reset and then to complete the process select the button "Reset Training"