How do I add a Phishing Administrator?

Contact a SANS Admin by clicking the Email Icon below to add a Top Level Phishing Administrator. Include First Name, Last Name and Email address of any

How do I export a User List?

You can Export a User List by performing the following steps: Click on "User Profiles" under User Management within the VLE.Note: To view a list

What does each metric mean within Phishing?

Campaign Title - The name of the campaign chosen by the customer (e.g. "First Test Campaign") First Name - The target's first name

How do I create a SPF record for Phishing?

The Phishing tool allows customers to send phishing campaigns using several different “canned” domains as well as the customer's own

My Archived Campaign won't send?

When you click the "Archive Campaign" button it will not only Archive your campaign, but it will also cancel any pending campaign.  Please

Users showing as Clicked incorrectly?

If you are encountering issues with Users reporting as “Clicked” when this is false, we encourage you to whitelist and potentially disable

How do I use Reported in Phishing?

To track the "Reported" metric, a recently sent phishing campaign email must be forward to Once forwarded, the

How do I view repeat offenders of Phishing emails?

By exporting data from previously ran campaigns, you can filter and identify Users who have Clicked or have "failed" previous Phishing Campaign

If I use a Sub-Account as my "Campaign Target" will it send to nested sub-accounts?

When selecting a Sub-Account's Name as your phishing "Campaign Targets", it will send to that account level only.  It will not send to

How do I add a link to a Phishing Email?

 Within the Email Editor of a "Drive-By" or "Data Entry" Phishing Campaign, you can add or modify hyperlink(s) within the body of

I do not see the Manage Phishing Campaigns button?

If you do not have Users in your “Target Email List” that are assigned a Phishing license, you are unable to start building a campaign.  

How Do I schedule a campaign for the future?

Click the "Schedule Campaign?" check box within Campaign > New Campaign menu and select a date/time in the future from when you are

What does Opened mean in Phishing?

The "Opened" statistic is recorded when a User downloads or "opens" a hidden image within the phishing email itself. Within every

Are there email domains that cannot be used in a Phishing Campaign?

The following list of email domains cannot be used as Target Emails in a Phishing Campaign: Blocked Email Domains @icloud.

Do Phishing templates come in multiple languages?

The Securing The Human phishing templates are available in a variety of languages with some languages having more template options than others.  

Phishing Reporting Admin Guide

Our Phishing Reporting Guide will provide some additional details on the data that you can access within the system as well as export for further use.

Phishing Client Admin User Guide

View/Download our Admin User Guide for Client Administrators for a step-by-step overview of how to get started using our Phishing product.   Key

How do I start a phishing campaign?

From the VLE, choose STH.Phishing as the license you want to manage (only applies to multi-product clients): Click on Manage Phishing CampaignsSelect New