User Management

How do I send a Training Reminder Email?

To send a Training Reminder Email to a single User: From the User Management section, search for User on the User Profiles pageSelect them using the "

What does Show Student View mean?

The link Show Student View located at the top of the Client Administrator home page will display the screen students will see when they enter the VLE.

How do I update a User's email address?

To correct an email address (Users uploaded incorrectly): Within the User Management section, go to the Manage Inactive Users pageSelect and remove the

How do I export a User List?

You can Export a User List by performing the following steps: Click on "User Profiles" under User Management within the VLE.Note: To view a list

What are the Password Requirements for the VLE?

All Users are prompted to reset their passwords upon initial login to the VLE.  The following requirements be followed in order to successfully reset

Do Users have to pass the quiz to get credit for completion?

When new accounts are set up, clients must choose how many quiz questions are associated with each module.  This can be set at 1, 2, or 3. Users must

How do I bulk upload Users to the VLE?

Below you will find template csv files for bulk uploading Users into our SANS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 1. VLE User Import Template Use this

What are the User requirements for the SANS VLE?

Download and view our SANS Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) User Requirements Guide for a list of basic requirements, supported browsers, and password

How do I search for a User?

If you cannot find a User, double-check the following: Are you searching in the correct Sub-Account?Are you viewing the correct training program? (Multi-

How can I see which Users have not completed their training?

Checking on a single User's completion status: Within the User Management section, go to the User Profiles pageSearch for and select User with "

What are the definitions of Allocate Users, Queued Users, Inactive Users, and Active Users?

Users can be in multiple states within the VLE: Queued Users: Users who have been added to the system, but not yet activated. Inactive Users: Users

How do I delete a User?

Users uploaded incorrectly: Within the User Management section, go to the Manage Inactive Users pageSelect and remove the UserAdd

How do I activate Users?

Queued Users are Users who have been uploaded but are not yet activated. The "Queue New Users" box is preset when adding new Users. This will