How do I delete a User?

Users uploaded incorrectly:

  • Within the User Management section, go to the Manage Inactive Users page
  • Select and remove the User
  • Add the User again - this will send them a new Welcome Email

NOTE: This frees up any seat license, removes them from the system, and ensures they receive a welcome email. 


Users who have not yet taken any training:

Users who have not taken any training (or have not yet completed any modules) will be listed as Inactive Users. 

Within the User Management section, go to the Manage Inactive Users page and select the Users you wish to remove. Once you confirm, their seat licenses will become free to use.


Release Seats Period:

Your Release Seats period will be activated during the last two weeks of your license term. At that time you can remove any User who have not completed their training to release that seat license.

Within the End of Year section, go to the Release Seats page and select the Users who you wish to remove.